The Gibeonites Trick

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 055
Joshua 9:1 - Joshua 9:27

When the kings on this side Jordan heard of Israel's might,
they gathered all together, in hopes that they could fight.

There were seven nations, six aligned, but one of them would not.
The Gibeonites said we will not win. They'd kill us if we fought.

So they took torn sacks and bottles and shoes all worn and old.
Their clothes had holes. Their bread was dry. Their food was full of mold.

They said we've come a long way, even though they lived real close.
We've heard how your God fights for you. We fear your Lord of hosts.

Make a treaty to protect us, and we will serve you well.
Israel did not ask God what to do. The truth they could not tell.

So Joshua made a league with them, and Israel's princes swore,
they would not fight against these men. They would not go to war.

But three days later Israel came to the land of Gibeon.
They realized they had been deceived, and what they did was sin.

God said don't make a league, with the people of this land.
This is your country. I'll drive them out, by my almighty hand.

They had given them their word, and they could not break their vow.
You tricked us and you lied to us but we can't kill you now.

So Israel made the Gibeonites their slaves 'cause of their lie.
You'll draw our water, cut our wood. We promise you won't die.

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