Ai's Defeat

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 054
Joshua 8:1 - Joshua 8:35

Israel was sore afraid. They'd run from Ai's men.
But God said Joshua, don't fear. Go fight Ai again.

Let Israel know, sin does not pay. When Achan sinned you lost.
Now Achan's dead. The sin is stopped. Consider what it cost.

When you go back to Ai, have some soldiers go at night.
Put them behind the city while the others charge to fight.

When Ai's soldiers come back out, all sure that they will win.
The men behind the city will slay the folks within.

This time God said I'll let you keep, the treasure of Ai.
The cities goods save for yourselves, and none of you will die.

So Joshua did as God had said, next day before the heat.
When Ai chased all Israel ran, pretending they were beat.

Well that's at least what Ai thought as the sun began to shine.
While these men ran, the big army was sneaking up behind.

They took the town and burned it down. When Ai saw the scene,
Their city was defeated and they were caught between.

That day all Israel learned, keep the law of the Lord.
Obey God and he fights for you, or perish by the sword.

Then Joshua built an altar, to offer sacrifice.
Upon the stones, he wrote the law to teach them what was right.

And to make sure they would not forget, all that Moses taught,
Joshua read the entire law, that Moses and God wrought.

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