Rahab And The Spies

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 050
Joshua 1:1 - Joshua 2:24

Now after Moses died and Deuteronomy was done,
Another leader God had picked, he was the son of Nun.

The son of Nun, it does not mean, that he was no one's son,
It made me laugh, but it just means, his father's name was Nun.

His first name, Joshua, is the one we'll call this man.
God said go over Jordan, and take my promised land.

Every place you walk and every where you go,
will be the land I give to you, for I have promised so.

Be strong and be courageous, and do not ever fear.
Remember all my law. Obey. I always will be near.

So Joshua sent two spies to search, so he could know,
the thoughts of all the people and the king of Jericho.

They stayed at Rahab's house that day. She hid them from the king.
Rahab believed that Israel's God was Lord of everything.

When soldiers came to get the spies she put them on her roof.
She told the soldiers they had gone, but where she had no proof.

Go chase them quickly Rahab said. They've departed. Make some tracks.
The truth was they had never left. She hid them in the flax.

As soon as all the soldiers left Rahab told the spies.
The men of Jericho are scared. We faint and even cry.

We heard about the Red Sea, and the kings of the Amorites.
Your God destroyed them all. We know he fights your fights.

Now I pray you swear to me for the kindness I have shown,
that you will spare my family. Save my loved ones and my home.

The two spies then thanked Rahab. They promised her that night.
This scarlet rope will be the sign. We'll save you when we fight.

They departed down the scarlet rope outside the city wall,
and entering camp, said Joshua, before us they will fall.

The people have no courage. Our God has made them faint.
They tremble. We will slay them all, but Rahab. She's a saint.

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