Moses Dies

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 049
Deuteronomy 34:1 - Deuteronomy 34:12

Moses said, I am old. An hundred and twenty years.
I can not lead, but don't dismay. There is no cause for fears.

The Lord has given this promised land, and He shall go with you.
He'll fight and win, and Joshua, will lead and guide you through.

As God did to Sihon and Og, when he conquered the Amorites,
so God will do to the kings of this land. Be strong and have no frights.

Next Moses called Mr. Joshua. The Lord will fight for you.
Be strong and of a good courage. And all God says, go do!

Then Moses turned to the priests and handed them the law.
Written by Moses with his own hand. God given without flaw.

At every seven years, this shall be read by the priest.
When the people come together, at the tabernacle feast.

As children are born make sure they know. Teach them day by day.
Keep God's law. Respect His Word. He'll bless if we obey.

Finally God told Moses, write a song. Warn the people again.
God knew that they would turn from Him and fall back into sin.

So Moses wrote the warning song and taught, so people would know.
Then God said Moses, your work is done. Now climb up Mount Nebo.

Moses blessed the people whom he had loved, and carefully led so long.
He gave them God's law. He gave them himself. He gave them God's warning song.

He lastly turned and walked away and climbed up Mount Nebo,
to Pisgah's heights. To the mountain top, were he saw Jericho.

God showed him all the land, He promised Abraham.
Then Moses died. All Israel cried. Jehovah buried him.

So Joshua led the people. He stood in Moses' place.
But never arose a prophet like Moses, whom God knew face to face.

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