Moses Deuteronomy Review

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 048
Deuteronomy 1:1 - 33:29

Deuteronomy means second law, and it's review for us.
It has a lot of Exodus and then Leviticus.

The Israelites at the promised land were little or not even born,
when the people departed Egypt, on that Passover morn.

So most of Deuteronomy is Moses giving review,
Remember that the old folks died and all these folks are new.

In chapters one through three, the wilderness journey.
In chapter four, obey the Lord. The law through chapter thirty.

The ten commandments Moses rehearsed and laws for other nations.
Like make no treaties, don't marry them or want their abominations.

Do not forget the Lord your God. Obey and you'll live long.
Remember to eat only clean animals, and witchcraft is always wrong.

Set aside a tenth for those who serve the Lord and teach His way.
Set aside a tenth to eat yourself, when you worship on God's feast day.

Every seven years you cancel debts and set free your countrymen.
Each year you celebrate Passover and the feasts to remind of Him.

The priests shall act as judges, and eat of the offering.
Don't allow false prophets. Don't break God's law, and God shall choose the king.

Set aside three cities of refuge, for those who kill accidentally.
When you go to war don't be afraid. The Lord will protect thee.

And a hardest command for a parent, who's stubborn son was prone,
to drink and gorge and disobey, the rebel was to be stoned.

Be honest. Don't take your neighbor's things, and do not ever lie.
When you go to war be holy. Keep your vows or you shall die.

Pay all your workers fair wages, and always help the poor.
Help widows and orphans and use honest weights. Bring the firstfruits into God's store.

Write the law on stones and keep them. God will bless if you obey.
If you don't the Lord will curse you and you will fade away.

But if this happens and you repent, then God will love and forgive.
The choice is yours. Choose life or death. I hope you choose to live.

When Moses finished rehearsing the law he turned to the next who would be,
the leader God chose named Joshua. He will lead after me.

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