Moabites and Midianites

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 047
Numbers 23:1 - Numbers 36:13

Balak the king called Balaam to curse each Israelite,
but Balaam couldn't do it, though he tried with all his might.

God told Balaam to bless not curse the people Moses led.
Now king Balak was oh so mad that he was seeing red.

I called you here to curse them, but them you only bless.
I would have made you a rich man. You'll have to live with less.

We don't see the whole story. Later on God lets us know,
that Balaam taught Israel to sin, and you reap what you sow.

They joined themselves to Moabites and idol worship tried.
God sent a plague. Twenty four thousand of Israel's people died.

After this they took a count from each Israeli tribe.
There were only left from Egypt, just two that had not died.

Except for the man Moses, just Joshua and Caleb remained.
They sacrificed and heard the law and then as God ordained,

God said, Moses, the time has come. Destroy each Midianite.
Arm the men and go to war and with you I will fight.

The forty years is almost up I'll bring these people in,
to Canaan land, crossed Jordan's shore, after you've fought Midian.

So Moses led by God's command, the battle it was won.
He taught the children of God's law, and all that God had done.

This ends the book of Numbers. The next book we will see,
is number five in Moses' books. It's Deuteronomy.

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