Balak and Balaam

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 046
Numbers 22:1 - Numbers 22:41

The fame of God's protection spread quickly far and wide.
The nations all feared Israel and looked for how to hide.

The king of Moab, Balak, knew a prophet he could pay.
He sent his men to Balaam. Said I'll hire you today.

Now Balaam was the prophet, but not an Israelite.
It's strange because he asked of God but then did not do right.

It's stranger that God talked to him and told him what to do.
And Balak knew what Balaam said was for sure to come true.

So king Balak asked Balaam, to come curse Israel.
When Balaam asked God what to do, God said, tell them farewell.

Tell Balak's men to go back home. You cannot go with them.
So Balak's men returned and gave the message from Balaam.

Balak did not give up so soon, he offered Balaam more,
if Balaam would curse Israel so he could win the war.

Again ole Balaam asked of God if he could see Balak.
God said you can but not to curse. He'll loose in an attack.

We don't quite know Balaam's intent as he journeyed to the king,
but it must have not pleased God one bit, because we know one thing.

God sent his angel with a sword and made his donkey stop.
And after stopping two more times he made the donkey talk!

A talking donkey! What a hoot! We'd be speechless. Wouldn't we?
And here is where I have to laugh. He answered the donkey!

Arguing with a donkey. Is that not strange to do?
Balaam which surprises more, the donkey talk or you?

Then God let Balaam see what made his donkey sit.
If the donkey hadn't turned and stopped, I'd have killed you and saved it.

Balaam replied unto the Lord, I'll go back home today.
But God said, no. Go to the king. Speak only what I say.

Then three times Balak sacrificed in hopes to get a curse,
and all three times Israel was blessed. It was only getting worse.

Balak was angry at Balaam, but Balaam shook his head,
I told you I can only say what God himself has said.

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