Korah Rebels

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 042
Numbers 16:1 - Numbers 16:50

Remember when Aaron and Miriam, were jealous of Moses respect?
They asked, why do you rule over us? We also are God's elect.

God punished them for their envy. Now it was happening again?
This time a man named Korah was doing the very same sin.

And remember how most of the people, said we can't go into God's land.
Their armies are strong and their walls are too high. We will perish at their mighty hand.

Now Korah devised a rebellion, with men of renown who had money.
Saying Moses is leading us back in the desert, not land full of milk and honey.

Why is Moses chosen the leader? We are Levites and God's holy men.
We deserve to be leaders ourselves, so why should we listen to him.

Then God spoke to Moses and Aaron. Stand aside, I'll destroy all this nation.
But again Moses prayed, and again God delayed, to wipe out the whole congregation.

Rather Moses said God has decided. We will see who God wants to choose.
If God chooses Korah, you'll continue. If he opens the earth you will loose.

As Moses finished his speaking the ground under Korah split wide.
It swallowed him up with all of his house, there was no place Korah could hide.

Then the two hundred and fifty princes who spoke against Moses as well,
were burned up by God in an instant. Not one stood. No, each of them fell.

Now this should surely teach Israel, to obey God and make Him glad,
but the very next morning all Israel said, Moses and Aaron are bad.

Yet again God said Moses and Aaron, this time I will follow through.
I'll destroy all these rebels, they'll never obey. Let me give them what is due.

Already a plague had begun, and the people were starting to die.
Fourteen thousand seven hundred beside the two fifty and Korah who spread this lie.

But again God listened to Moses. For Israel he always prayed.
Moses feared for God's reputation. As he asked, the plague was stayed.

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