12 Spies

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 041
Numbers 13:1 - Numbers 15:41

The time came in Israel's journeys, and that time was now at hand.
Send men, God commanded Moses, to spy out the promised land.

For forty days they checked cities. There was fruit and honey for lunch.
They cut down grapes so heavy two men had to carry the bunch.

A land of milk and honey. It is just as God has said.
But the people are strong. The walls are tall and the giants will kill us dead.

We can never win cried the spies, but two did not agree.
Joshua and Caleb said God is with us, and He'll make the enemy flee.

With all that God had done for them, the manna, Red Sea and dry ground.
Why would the people not trust in God, He had never let them down.

But they trusted the word of the spies that complained. Let's go back to Egypt today.
God brought us to this promised land just to die and fade away.

Joshua and Caleb said no. God will give us this place.
But the people yelled, kill Joshua, and Caleb, get rid of his face.

God wasn't too happy. Get rid of these folks, and start again with you.
But Moses said Lord if you take them away the heathen will see what you do.

They will tell everyone that our God has failed. I beg you forgive them once more.
The Lord said I will, because you have asked, but these will not cross Jordan's shore.

Only Joshua and Caleb will enter my land, for no one else believed.
Then Moses revealed God's word to the folks and the people all cried and were grieved.

They said we have sinned to say we won't go. We'll repent and take Canaan's land.
But it was too late Moses warned don't go up. For God will not lend you His hand.

You cannot prevail. You must listen to God, but instead they went their own way.
The people insisted. They fought on their own, and they failed. Trust in God and obey.

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