Offerings and Complaints

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 040
Numbers 1:1 - Numbers 12:15

After Moses set up the tabernacle with the help of the Levites and priests,
God said it was time for the princes to offer incense and silver and beasts.

You remember how God told Moses, the name of every tribe's prince.
Now each of these 12 was to sacrifice, for the tribe that he had led since.

The offerings they brought were silver, flour, oil and rams,
gold spoons of incense, bullocks and goats, and of course they offered lambs.

For twelve days each of the princes, brought their offerings to the Lord.
Each of them offered near the same thing, but no one ever was bored.

This dedicated the tabernacle. Then Aaron lit the lamps.
Next he dedicated Levites, as God's servants for the camp.

But how do you call a whole nation? No telephones were to be found.
God said to make silver trumpets. They knew what to do by the sound.

One sound called them to worship, but there were even more.
Another told them it's time to move, and another called them to war.

Soon it was time to leave Sinai. God led them on their way.
They journeyed to Paran. Did the children laugh, and sing and run and play?

It was happy when people listened. When they didn't it was a pain.
Soon Israel went back to murmuring and started to complain.

Every day God gave them food to eat. Are you thankful when God gives a gift?
They complained about manna and said, "we want meat." Once again they started to drift.

So God said you want meat? I'll give you meat 'till it comes out of your nose.
Full three feet high for miles around the quail fell in droves.

They went out and collected the quail, for two days, night and day.
Many ate meat not thanking the Lord, got sick and died away.

It was clear to all that Moses, was the man that God chose to lead.
His brother and sister were jealous. Sounds like a problem with greed.

What's so special about our brother? God also uses us.
Aaron and Miriam said, "were special too." They put up quite a fuss.

Then God gave Miriam leprosy. Seven day's she lived in disgrace.
God said, I talk to prophets in dreams, but Moses, face to face.

Will we learn to be thankful and grateful to God and appreciate all He has done?
Or will we like Israel complain and want more. Remember God gave us his son.

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