Numbers & Levites

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 039
Numbers 1:1 - Numbers 6:27

Two years after Israel left Egypt, by Sinai they lived day and night.
Then one day God said unto Moses, count the men who are able to fight.

All the men who are twenty and older. In addition, I'll name each man,
who will lead their tribes into battle, and by your side they will stand.

When each tribe's soldiers were counted, but Levi who worked with the priests,
there were six hundred three thousand, five hundred and fifty, from the greatest unto the least.

God then told them how they should set up their camp for the journey to Canaan's land.
The tabernacle of God would be in the middle. All around the people would fan.

With the tabernacle would be the Levites. Through them the people would enter,
to worship the Lord in the tabernacle, knowing God was always the center.

The Levites assisted the priests, and cared for all worship stuff.
You might think that was easy. Not so. Tabernacle caring was tough.

On Sinai God wrote on the tablets. For them Moses took shittum wood.
He made the Ark of the Covenant, and inside put what God said he should.

Who would care for this ark and the tabernacle too? Who would carry and clean walls and floor?
There were altars and candlesticks, tables and censers, hooks and basins and more.

Why the table of shewbread, the vessels and boards, bars and pillars and skins;
the curtains and shovels, hooks and sockets. Lots to care for without and within.

The Levites had a very big job. An important job to be sure.
Their job wasn't easy. They worked very hard. Most important they had to be pure.

Besides the Levites were Nazarites. They too would serve the Lord.
The Nazarite took a special vow as specified in God's Word.

They could not cut their hair or drink wine, or any drink that was strong.
In fact they couldn't have vinegar, and everything grapes was wrong.

They could not touch a dead body. Not an animal or man.
A Nazarite was to be holy, and serve God as best he can.

Later we'll learn about a judge. The strongest man on earth.
You know his name as Samson. A Nazarite from his birth.

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