The Golden Calf

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 035
Exodus 32:1-Exodus 32:35

We think of the ten commandments, when we think of Mount Sinai.
But it wasn't just ten, it was dozens of them, handed down from God on high.

To write it all down took a while. How long before Moses came back?
More then a month Moses was gone. Here are a couple more facts.

It did not take a few hours or even a week or two.
Moses was gone a full forty days. That was much more then a few.

The people began to wonder. Is he really coming back.
He didn't take any water, or even a lunch in a sack.

Aaron where's your bother? Meeting God? He's too long. You agree?
God isn't here. Will we wait for a year? We want a God we can see.

So Aaron said bring me your earrings. I'll melt the gold down and begin,
to fashion a god. A big golden calf, with an altar. Oh no! This is sin.

The people worshiped the idol. God said Moses, this crowd's a vexation.
These people rebel. Destroy them I shall, and from you I'll raise a new nation.

Then Moses begged the Lord. Egypt showed what God can do.
If the nations see your people destroyed, they'll stop believing in you.

So the Lord repented this evil and Moses returned to the camp.
With the tables of stone God wrote with his hand. What he heard would give most men a cramp.

Joshua thought this was the noise of war, but Moses knew the facts.
This noise was idol worship. Aaron joined their wicked acts.

Angry Moses threw the tablets. The stones that God had made.
He burned the calf, ground it to dust, said, Aaron, you have strayed.

Then Moses, in the gate of the camp, said come if you choose the Lord.
The rest who want that golden calf will die by the edge of the sword.

Many repented and turned from the idol and to the Lord instead.
But many rejected Moses and God. By nightfall three thousand were dead.

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