The Ten Commandments

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 034
Exodus 19:1-Exodus 31:18

Three months after Israel left Egypt, they departed Rephidim.
Moses came to a mount named Sinai, where God would talk to him.

I will make you a special people; a treasure and kingdom of priests.
Obey my commands. You will take my word, to the world from the west to the east.

Set bounds around Mount Sinai. Let no one near it draw.
For God said I'll meet you there, and give to you my law.

So Moses went up on Mount Sinai. The people stayed on the ground.
The mountain shook and was filled with smoke as the Lord Almighty came down.

God gave unto Moses commandments. See that you learn them well.
To keep God's law, obey his voice, and forever this story tell.

I am the Lord your God. No others come before me.
Make no images of any thing, in heaven or earth or sea.

Do not take my name in vain, and remember my sabbath day.
Honor your father and mother. Long life it will repay.

Don't kill or commit adultery. Don't steal. Of your neighbor don't lie.
Don't wish for your neighbor's goods or wife. Be content with what I supply.

These ten did Moses bring back, from the mount where God he met.
But these were only the first ten laws. God hardly was started yet.

God gave instructions for worship, for servants, and treating a wife;
for protecting an unborn child. Things punished with life for a life.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
There were laws about animals. Laws about truth.

There were laws about accidents. Helping a friend.
Laws about lending and when the debts end.

There were laws about poor and laws about rich.
Laws about work and not being a witch.

Laws about feasts and unleaven bread.
Laws about living and touching the dead.

Laws about temples and priests and their clothes.
About sacrifice. On and on it goes.

In fact it took Moses so much time to sort out,
that the people below thought to murmur and doubt.

They complained. They wondered. They were generally vexed.
They sinned against God, and we'll see that next.

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