The Symbol's Meanings

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 331
Revelation 15:1-18:24

Then I saw the seven angels; plague vials in their hands.
On Satan's worshippers, the wrath of God would pour across their lands.

The first went out with grievous sores. The second turned seas to blood.
The third did the same to rivers, like a gross and smelly flood.

In the fourth the sun scorched men with heat. I'm sure they wished for rain.
The fifth brought darkness through the land. They gnawed their tongues for pain.

The sixth dried the Euphrates, for the Armageddon war.
The seventh brought hail and earthquakes, to punish them some more.

They repented not, but blasphemed God. Then an angel talked to me.
I'll show the judgment of the whore who sits upon the sea.

She was drunken with the blood of saints. She will come unto her end.
The beast you saw was, then was not. From the pit he shall ascend.

The seven heads are seven mountains. Seven kings and five will fall.
One is, and one has not yet come, and that makes seven in all.

The beast you saw, he is the eighth. For a time he'll have a great power.
Ten horns; ten kings reign with the beast, but only for one hour.

The waters the whore sits upon are peoples, tongues and every nation.
The woman is that great city, which will fall without salvation.

Then another angel cried aloud, Babylon has fallen.
The kings that she made rich will mourn, as she smokes like burning pollen.

A mighty angel took a stone. In the sea he cast it down.
Babylon slew the saints of God. Like this stone she'll not be found.

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