Moses Father-In-Law

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 033
Exodus 18:1-Exodus 18:27

Remember Jethro, Moses father-in-law, he was a priest in Midian?
He heard how God blessed Moses and he came to visit him.

Moses brought him in his tent. Told him all that God had done.
Of Pharaoh and his army and the battles God had won.

Jethro rejoiced and blessed the Lord. He said I must confess,
that your God is the only one, who is greater then all the rest.

Then Jethro next watched Moses, answer questions people brought.
Each with their grief or inquiry, asked Moses what he thought.

From morning until evening, Moses sat alone.
A judge o're all the people, as they made their matters known.

Jethro asked, does no one help you? You do this by yourself?
You need to pick some helpers. I don't mean a little elf.

Get men who are not selfish. Men of truth who fear the Lord.
Put them over groups of people. Let them help you judge this hoard.

The matters great they can bring to you. Let them judge matters small.
You can't judge every matter son. You'll have no strength at all.

So Moses listened to Jethro. The mark of a wise man.
He chose leaders to help him and judges served the land.

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