Joshua Fights Amalek

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 032
Exodus 17:8-Exodus 17:16

Along came Amalek, to fight with Israel.
So Moses called to Joshua. Pick men who can fight well.

Tomorrow I will stand, with God's rod in my hand.
I'll hold it high. Amalek will die. Once again as God has planned.

The battle raged 'tween Amalek, and Joshua of Nun.
When Moses held the rod up it was Joshua who won.

When Moses arm was heavy and the rod began to fall.
Amalek would win the fight. Moses could not rest at all.

So Aaron and a man name Hur held Moses arms 'till night.
With the rod held high, Amalek did die, and Joshua won the fight.

Then God said to Moses write this down. My people shant forget.
To trust in God's protection and not fear any threat.

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