The Colossian Church

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 312
Colossians 1:1-4:18

To the church of the Colossians from Paul and Timothy.
We both pray for your wisdom, and your maturity.

Christ delivered us from darkness. Such grace we can't resist.
The creator is our Savior. By him all things exist.

Through the cross he brought us peace. A mystery indeed.
Gentiles have salvation. All become God's chosen seed.

Now though absent in the body, my spirit is with you.
I rejoice that you have Jesus, and have joined the chosen few.

Beware lest you be spoiled through tradition and deceit.
Make philosophy and worldliness bow down at Jesus feet.

He's the fullness of the Godhead. Only he can save each man.
Salvation isn't in the law, but in God's redemptive plan.

Let no man therefore judge you with traditions of the past.
Those holidays and Sabbaths were just shadows that don't last.

They pointed us to Jesus, who now sits on God's right hand.
Our life is hid with Christ in God, not this terrestrial land.

When Jesus comes in glory we shall all appear with him.
Affections now are set above. We put away each sin.

Through Christ, we are one body, Jews and Gentiles all the same.
He teaches us to love each other, for we're all called by his name.

So wives respect your husbands. Husband's always love your wife.
Children obey your parents. God says that brings long life.

Servants do your work with honesty, not to men but to the Lord.
All the brothers now salute you as we minister the word.

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