Water From A Rock

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 031
Exodus 17:1-Exodus 17:7

Such appreciative people these Isrealites.
They murmured through days and they murmured through nights.

They murmured in Egypt, and at the Red Sea.
They murmured at Marah, 'till God downed a tree.

They murmured at Elim. Said they had no food.
Always complaining, and in a bad mood.

Aptly they passed through a place known as Sin,
and unto a land that they call Rephidim.

Would they finally be happy? Would they finally be glad?
God delivered from Egypt and the food wasn't bad.

What fault could they find? What could bring out their worst?
Ah, I know. It's a desert. Let's complain about thirst.

They murmured at Moses. Lord I'm in a sweat.
They're ready to stone me, how soon they forget.

The people are thirsty. God said, there's a rock.
Lord, I said we need water. Like a stream with a dock.

I know you said water. Remember it's me.
The God of creation. You think I can't see?

It's highly abnormal, but that Israel may know,
go smite Horeb's rock and the water shall flow.

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