We Are Jesus' Body

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 303
1 Corinthians 12:1-14:40

You used to worship idols that couldn't speak or say a word.
Now God's spirit lives within you. You're the temple of the Lord.

We're each members of his body, like a foot, a hand or ear.
Every member has a purpose. Each a gift. That's why you're here.

Though every part is different, like mouth or toe, a different name.
Each member is important. All one body, just the same.

Some God says, He calls apostles, others prophets, others teach.
Some are healers. Some are helpers. Other languages some speak.

Different gifts. Each has its purpose. Like our eyes, of brown or gray.
As you function, just remember, there's a much more excellent way.

You can have the greatest gifts. Be esteemed the most and best.
But without love, it's all for nothing. Without love, forget the rest.

Our hands would never tell our toes, I can function without you.
With this fervor, care for others, as parts of our body do.

Concerning tongues, I have a caution. Tongues are languages you see.
Every language has a meaning. That is how tongues ought to be.

If you babble without meaning and no one can understand,
That's no help. It brings confusion. You'll sound like a crazy man.

In the church, don't talk in gibberish, like a little baby, young.
I'll speak five words with understanding; not ten thousand in an unknown tongue.

Focus on what teaches others; on what helps each one to grow.
Everything in decent order. These are things you ought to know.

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