Murmuring Israelites

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 030
Exodus 15:23-Exodus 16:36

The Israelites saw God in Egypt. He worked miraculously.
They saw him defeat the Egyptians, delivering them at the Red Sea.

They made up a song praising God; saying now the heathen will know.
But complained when they came to Marah 'cause it was an unpleasant flow.

They murmured at Moses. These waters all stink.
They're bitter and fowl. There's nothing to drink.

How would the heathen remember God's power,
if the people of God could forget in an hour?

In Egypt they questioned, at the Red Sea more doubt.
Now complaining at Marah but God bailed them out.

He made sweet the waters and said this is true.
Just trust. As with waters, I'll heal you.

One time is a lesson, two times does no harm.
Now three times God blessed them. Would three be a charm?

Oh no, the next place for this murmuring brood
was at Elim. Hey Moses, we have no more food.

Would to God we had died in the Egyptian heat.
While in slavery and bondage at least we could eat.

So God gave instructions to this murmuring throng.
I'll feed you by weeks as you journey along.

For six days each week bread will rain from the heaven.
Collect for each day, but not on day seven.

Collect twice on day six, the amount for a day.
On the seventh day rest. It's to worship and pray.

Each morning sustained with manna for bread.
In evening with quail. That's how they were fed.

It must have been good to these pioneers.
'cause that's what they ate for forty long years.

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