Dead To The Law

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 296
Romans 7:1-8:39

When our faith is in Jesus we're married to Him, but we were once married before.
We were joined to the law. It condemned us to death. That was then but not anymore.

We are now dead to the law but alive unto Christ. Our spirit has been born again.
But we live in a body until we see Jesus, and that body still wrestles with sin.

There's no condemnation because we're in Christ. We're no longer judged by the law.
But If we're saved by grace, do we have to do good? That question has this big flaw.

You see the believer's the temple of God. Faith changes what we want to do.
The Christian is different. Christians want to do good. I hope friend that that includes you.

If it does, you've a promise. And you'll do what you should.
You'll trust God when He says, all things work for your good.

God called you, and chose you, and He made you His own.
Through Him we are conquerors. He'll one day take us home.

So I am persuaded no angel or prince.
No nothing before or anything since.

No height or no depth, or no powerful hoard,
Can separate us from the love of our Lord!

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