Paul Goes To Rome

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 294
Acts 27:1-28:31

Some prisoners with Paul were put in the custody of a centurion, Julius by name.
They entered a ship and the captain set sail. To Fair Havens in Crete they came.

After much time there the captain wished to leave. Paul warned the idea was flawed.
If we set sail now we will lose the ship, for so I've been warned of God.

The centurion believed the captain was right, instead of believing in Paul.
And so they set sail but they entered a storm that risk the lives of them all.

They dumped out the cargo and gave up hope, for days not seeing the sun.
Paul said be of good cheer all our lives will be saved. God has showed me. It's as good as done.

On the 14th night they came near land. 276 on board.
In the morning they ran the ship aground. Would they make it? So said the Lord.

The soldiers fearing the prisoner's escape, said we'll put them to death by our hand.
The centurion wanting to save brother Paul, said no. We'll count them on land.

That day some swam. Some floated on boards. If God lied they'd be in a fix.
But the passengers and prisoners numbered on shore, were two hundred and seventy six.

'Twas an island named Melita, filled with cold, and rain, and wind.
As the people gathered firewood they were sure that Paul had sinned.

A viper fastened to his hand, while Paul helped to make them warm.
Now this man would die, but Paul shook it off. They could see he felt no harm.

He must be a god, the people said, instead of calling him a sinner.
Then Publius, an island chief, bid Paul, in his home to enter.

His father was quite sick. Paul prayed, God show you're real.
God raised the man. So all the town brought folks for Paul to heal.

When three months passed they sailed again, finally arriving in Rome.
While the other prisoners were put in jail, the centurion took Paul home.

Then Paul preached to the Jews in Italy, showing Jesus was prophesied.
While a few believed, most did not, Paul said now I'm turning aside.

Isaiah foretold you would not believe. To the gentiles I must now preach.
For two more years Paul lived in his home, the Gentiles in Rome to teach.

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