Paul Before Agrippa

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 293
Acts 25:13-26:32

Then Agrippa arrived, with much pomp. He was king.
Festus told him of Paul. What charge should I bring?

The Jews want him dead. To Caesar he appealed.
Though he's done nothing wrong, his request I must field.

I will send him to Rome by ship and by mule.
But with no charge against him I'll look like a fool.

Then Agrippa said Festus, I will listen to Paul.
By his own testimony he shall stand or he'll fall.

So Paul was brought in, to speak to the king.
Paul told him his story. Didn't leave out a thing.

A Pharisee I was raised. The Christians I hated.
Their gospel I spurned and loudly debated.

I hunted them down from city to town.
Til a voice stopped me cold. Brought my knees to the ground.

Why persecute you me, said the voice in the light.
I asked, who are you Lord, as I trembled with fright.

I am Jesus, my son and I choose you this day.
You will preach to the world. Tell them, I am the way.

King Agrippa, this Jesus I no longer dread.
He's fulfilled every word that the prophets have said.

And you know the prophets. Their word you receive.
So Agrippa I ask, do you also believe?

Do you now want me to be, a believer like you.
Be like me without chains. Yes Agrippa, I do.

I'm almost persuaded. Festus, Paul should be free.
He's appealed to Rome. So to Rome, let him be.

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