Paul to Cesarea

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 292
Acts 22:1-25:12

In Jerusalem Paul preached. A Devout Jew I am.
I hunted down Christians and persecuted them.

I watched Stephen die. I said, I agree.
But on the road to Damascus, someone stopped me.

He said, I am Jesus. The one whom you fight.
I was on the wrong path, but he set me right.

I returned to Jerusalem. My message was spurned.
God said, preach to Gentiles. Unto them I was turned.

At this point they stopped Paul. Gentiles were hated.
Away with this fellow. Too long have we waited.

They would have killed Paul. The Chief Captain stepped in.
To the castle they took Paul and prepared to scourge him.

I'm a Roman, Uncondemned. They protected Paul instead.
Forty Jews made an oath. We'll not eat till he's dead.

Paul's nephew warned the captain, so he sent Paul away,
With soldiers, and horsemen and spearmen that day.

To a governor named Felix, in Cesarea with haste.
Then the chief priest arrived and presented his case.

I am guilty of one thing, Paul's defense he explained.
Resurrection through Jesus. Not a crime, though distained.

He's not guilty said Felix. He will stay here with me.
Two years in Cesarea. Then Festus came to see.

So Paul preached to Festus. Then the Jews came again.
Bring this man to Jerusalem, and let us judge him.

They would have killed Paul, but Festus said no.
Paul appealed to Ceasar. Now to Rome he would go.

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