Paul to Jerusalem

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 291
Acts 18:24-21:40

One of the men who came to believe. Apollos, an eloquent man,
He continued to teach while Paul traveled on, spreading Jesus throughout the land.

To Ephesus Paul entered where he taught them three months, then to Asia a space of two years.
God confirmed Paul's word as he healed the sick. And wiped away many, their tears.

But a man who made idols stirred up a fuss.
Paul preaches no idols. This soon will ruin us.

They stirred up the people to riot. Till the town was in disarray.
The town clerk had to settle the unruly crowd, and finally send them away.

Paul sailed to Greece and then Troas, where till midnight he preached what Christ said.
Eutychus became sleepy. Fell three stories down. But Paul raised him up from the dead.

Then Paul sailed east intending to go. To Jerusalem; he believed it God's will.
Though many said no, Paul determined to go. This mission Paul said I must fill.

In Caesarea Paul stayed with Philip. Then a prophet, Agabus by name,
Told Paul not to go, but again Paul said no. Many others begged him the same.

Paul said my heart breaks, when for me my friends cry.
I'm willing to be bound. I am willing to die.

For Jesus my all, I am willing to give.
My life is not dear. It's for Him that I live.

To Jerusalem Paul went, and met James and the brothers. He told of the Gentile's conversion.
They were worried the Jews would be angry with this, and accuse brother Paul of subversion.

Sure enough in the synagogue, the leaders cried out. This man has blasphemed our tradition.
They dragged Paul from the building, intending to kill him, this preacher of lies and sedition.

But the chief captain heard the uproar. With his soldiers he took Paul away.
The people accused Paul with such a commotion, the chief couldn't understand what they say.

So he brought Paul into the castle. Paul asked for a chance to be heard.
The captain then silenced the people. Now Paul will teach them God's word.

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