BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 283
Acts 8:1-40

After Stephen's death Saul hunted those who loved the Lord.
They fled their homes to lands abroad and thus they spread the word.

Philip preached in Samaria, and many there believed.
When Simon saw the miracles, he too this word received.

Now 'tis not Simon Peter, but a sorcerer of the land.
He deceived Samaritan rulers, and they listened to this man.

When he saw through the disciples, God's Holy Ghost came down.
He said I'll give you money, and that made Peter frown.

Your money perish with you. Repent and pray to be forgiven.
You're not following Jesus' teachings. He's not a trick to make your living.

At this time God sent his angel telling Philip where to go.
There's a mission in the desert. When you see him you will know.

The treasurer of Ethiopia worshipped in Jerusalem's land.
As he traveled home a copy of Isaiah was in his hand.

Philip asked him as he read, sir do you understand?
Does the prophet talk about himself or of another man?

Then Philip from the scripture showed this treasurer Jesus' gift.
Philip showed him God's salvation as the man gave Phil a lift.

When they came upon a water, he said, I wish to be baptized.
If you believe on Jesus Christ. God had opened up his eyes.

They both when down into the water, the Ethiopian and Phil.
Then they parted blessed and happy. That treasurer is rejoicing still.

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