BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 282
Acts 6:1-7:60

The church wanted helpers who would care for those in need.
So they chose seven men to serve tables and help feed.

One man, his name was Stephen. He worked miracles and taught.
Temple leaders tried to stop him, but they failed and were distraught.

So those leaders found false witnesses who lied of Stephen's word.
Said he blasphemed God and Moses though that wasn't what they'd heard.

The high priest asked if this was true, so Stephen spoke God's word.
He recited Israel's history, from Abram to our Lord.

He told of Egypt bondage, of Moses' delivery.
How the nation turned to idols after God had set them free.

How Solomon built a temple for their worship which was good.
But they honored more the temple than the God for whom it stood.

How they persecuted prophets. How they slew the men God sent.
Now you've killed God's Holy Son, who rose again, and heaven went.

The priests were angry beyond measure. They'd kill him like Christ before.
I see Jesus standing next to God. He's opened heaven's door.

They fiercely thrust him from the city. With Saul of Tarsus laid their clothes.
They cast stones at praying Stephen while he asked what Jesus chose.

Not destroy these thugs and murderers. No to Jesus he stayed true.
Stephen prayed as Jesus on the cross. Forgive, they know not what they do.

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