Twice Jailed & Free

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 281
Acts 4:23-5:42

It's hard to imagine being put in jail for preaching and healing the lame,
But that is what the early church faced when they preached in Jesus Christ's name.

So they gathered together and took care of each other. Some gave all to provide for the rest.
One Barnabas who later would journey with Paul sold his land to further this quest.

Then a man and his wife saw these honorable gifts and wanted the praise this would bring.
They too sold land and donated a part but claimed they gave the whole thing.

But Peter said why would you lie into God. This was yours to do as you would.
Ananias heard this and he fell down quite dead, as if he had fainted for good.

When his wife walked in not knowing his fate, Peter asked the details of her.
She too lied to God and expired as well. No one else would dare to lie for sure.

God allowed the apostles to heal the sick and many believed as they'd teach
The priests didn't like this and put them in prison, but God set them free and said preach.

So the priests sent more soldiers to stop them. We told you don't preach in Christ's name.
And now your back in the temple like yesterday, doing the same.

Then Peter said guys I've told you this once and I'm going to tell you again.
It is better that we should all obey God, than that we should obey you men.

Then he preached them a sermon that angered them so that they wanted to kill Peter dead.
But Gamaliel said no. We should let these men go. So they let them depart instead.

The disciples rejoiced. God again set them free. A victory that could not be priced.
Every day in the temple and in every house, they ceased not to preach Jesus Christ.

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