The Red Sea

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 028
Exodus 12:33-Exodus 14:31

Would it take ten plagues for you, to obey what God had said?
Well Pharaoh still wants to disobey. I know. I've read ahead!

As Israel left Egypt, God led them in a cloud.
At night a pillar of fire, to light this moving crowd.

God brought them to the Red Sea, knowing Pharaoh'd change his mind.
The king would want to get them back, and he'd be close behind.

He thought the Red Sea trapped them. They can not get away.
With all of Egypt's armies, I'll fight and win today.

When Israel saw the army, they thought, this is a mess.
They said to Moses thanks a lot, Death in the wilderness.

Didn't we tell you, leave us alone, back in Egypt land?
Now look were sitting ducks to die, by Pharaoh's mighty hand.

Moses said, fear not and see, the salvation of the Lord.
Zip it. Watch God fight for you. He doesn't need a sword.

Stretch forth your rod now Moses. Have Israel turn around.
The sea will part. Israel will walk, across it on dry ground.

I'll harden the heart of Pharaoh. The Egyptians will follow you.
They'll try to walk across the sea. Then watch what I will do.

God put his cloud and pillar of fire so Pharaoh could not go,
until the children of Israel passed. They were a little slow.

When all were safe beyond the water, Pharaoh did pursue.
With all his men in the midst of the sea, his horses and chariots too,

God made the dry land squishy. The chariots and men were stuck.
The Egyptian' all cried not again! Now who's the sitting duck?

Moses stretched his hand over the sea. It crashed together again.
They swam and struggled, yelled and sank. None left. No Egyptian.

The people saw God fight for them, and he didn't have a sword.
I hope they remember God's great strength, and learn to trust the Lord.

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