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Acts 1:1-2:47

Doctor Luke wrote a letter to Theophilus his friend.
Our Lord ascended up to heaven, but this is not the end.

In Jerusalem, He said to wait. The Comforter will come.
So while they did Peter stood up and said let's pick someone.

We need to replace Judas. And so they chose two men.
One of them was named Mathias. They cast lots, and they picked him.

Then on the day of Pentecost, still in Jerusalem they wait.
The town was filled with visitors who came to celebrate.

The Holy Ghost descended. Disciples preached from early morn.
Every person heard in languages wherein each of them was born.

At least sixteen different regions, with each a different tongue.
They all heard in their own languages, while disciples spoke in one.

The folks were all amazed. Some said, what does this mean?
Peter needed no more prompting to tell them what they'd seen.

The prophets prophesied. You watched their words fulfilled.
God sent His Son the Savior whom by wicked hands you killed.

But as David prophesied, He rose up from the grave.
Repent and trust in Jesus. By Him you must be saved.

Then those who gladly kept his word were added to the church.
Three thousand souls believed that day as they saw Gods mighty works.

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