Peter Denies

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 272
Matthew 26:57-75, Mark 14:51-72
Luke 22:54-65, John 18:12-27

From the garden to Annas then Caiaphas, Jesus was brought for trial.
John, known at the high priest's palace, got Peter in after a while.

The girl who kept the door, looked at Peter, Jona's son.
You're His disciple. No I'm not! And that was number one.

As Peter stood by the fire, a servant said hey I know you.
You're His disciple. Oh no I'm not! And that was number two.

One by one witnesses came. An attempt to condemn our Lord.
And one by one they disagreed. No truth was in their word.

Are you the Christ the son of God? The frustrated priest yelled loud.
You will see me sitting on the right hand of power, and descending in the cloud.

He is guilty of death. This is blasphemy. They struck Him and spit in His face.
They covered His eyes and said who hit you? God would know, but you're a disgrace.

Then a kin of the man whose ear Peter cut, said, the garden! I'm sure this is he.
Peter cursed and swore, and said I don't know Him. And this was number three.

Then the rooster crowd for the second time and Peter remembered Christ's word.
Ere the cock crow twice, you'll deny me thrice. Yes Peter denied the Lord.

Jesus looked at Peter and Peter recalled promise he had not kept.
He promised the Lord he would never deny, and he went out and bitterly wept.

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