The Last Lesson

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 270
John 13:36-16:33

After eating Jesus taught His disciples. Where I go, you can't follow me now.
But don't be troubled. You will be with me later, and I will tell you how.

You believe in God. Believe also in me. I'm preparing a place where I go.
A place for each of you to live, and the way to get there you know.

Thomas said, Lord, we don't know where, so how can we know the way?
Jesus said I'm the way the truth and the life. You've been with me everyday.

Then Philip said Lord, show us the father. Jesus answered, do you not know?
The Father is with you. He and I are the same. He is with you and where I go.

Believe on me and keep my commandments, and forever I'll be with you.
The Comforter will come, and that will be me, and you'll know by the things that I do.

Then Judas, not Iscariot, asked, how will we know you and not the rest of all men?
Jesus answered, I will live, inside of you. My spirit, I will send.

I am the vine. You are the branches. With me you will bear much fruit.
Without me you can do nothing. Like a tree that has no root.

You've not chosen me, but I've chosen you, to bring fruit that will remain.
That whatever you ask the Father to do, He'll do what you ask in my name.

I've said this to you that your joy may be full as I lay down my life for my friends.
You'll be no longer servants, but sons of God. Love each other for love never ends.

But don't be offended, for remember the servant is not greater than his Lord.
What they do to me they will do to you, as you go and preach my word.

Now sorrow not that I go away, I must go for the Comforter to come.
He will guide you in truth, and glorify me till you go to where I am from.

The disciples wondered what Jesus meant. I go away for a while.
He said, it is hard. Like a woman giving birth, but when finished how it makes her smile.

Jesus said tonight they'll smite the shepherd and the offended sheep will scatter.
Peter cried Lord, if all forsake you to me it will not matter.

I will stay with you. I'll not be offended. Too great is no sacrifice.
Jesus said Peter, before tonight's over, you son, shall deny me thrice.

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