Moses Six More Plagues

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 027
Exodus 9:1-Exodus 12:32

The water had turned to blood. The frogs had covered the land.
The lice came biting and then the flies as thick as the desert sand.

You would think by now old Pharaoh, would listen to what God said.
But still he refused to let Israel go. He must have had rocks in his head.

Well God doesn't get discouraged. God is always in his prime.
If Pharaoh wants to play this game, God has plenty of time.

So he sent a plague on the cattle. Now Egypt's herds would die.
When Pharaoh checked on Israel's cows, they were happy as pie.

That made Pharaoh angry, but Israel was starting to know,
that Moses and Aaron were sent from God. Soon Pharaoh will let them go.

But the time wasn't now so Moses threw, ashes into the sky.
Boils broke out on man and beast, all Egypt could do was cry.

Yet Pharaoh hardened his heart. The man was touched in the head.
Moses warned without fail, tomorrow a hail, will strike down everyone dead.

So every man and beast, outside without a shield.
On the morrow they died, 'cause God never lied. The hail fell in the field.

As the hail came down with fire, Pharaoh admitted his wrong.
He said we are wicked. God has won. I'll let you go before long.

But as soon as the hail subsided, Pharaoh did it again.
Then God sent locusts that ate what was left, and filled their homes to the brim.

The Egyptians cried to Pharaoh. Egypt is destroyed.
How long will you wait. Let Israel go. Our land is waste and void.

Pharaoh kept refusing, so God made a thick black dark.
The dark was so thick you could feel it. No light, no glow or spark.

One last time the Pharaoh demanded. 'nere again shall you enter my place.
If I see you once more I will kill you. Moses get out of my face.

As you say, replied Moses to Pharaoh. 'nere again will you see me.
The Lord told Moses I've one more plague. Then I'll set my people free.

God instructed his people the Hebrews, borrow all the wealth of the land.
The Egyptians gave up their treasures, as God had promised and planned.

That night a new feast was born. The Passover supper and more.
Kill a lamb without blemish. Put blood on the top, and the side posts of your door.

But that isn't all, now listen. Have your shoes and travel clothes on.
Be ready to go, for when I say so, get up; leave Egypt; be gone.

I will send my angel this night. He will see who is foolish or wise.
If the blood's on your door he'll pass over. If not the firstborn dies.

That night was a great cry in Egypt. No house where a soul was not dead.
All Egyptians and Pharaoh cried Moses away. God is great. Please go as He said.

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