Zacchaeus And The Servants

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 266
Luke 19:1-28

When Jesus passed through Jericho, He met a little man.
Zacchaeus may have been very short, but was greatest in all the land.

The greatest tax collector, that is, and he wanted to see the Lord.
Because he was short and the crowd was tall, no view could his legs afford.

He had an idea. I'll climb a tree. Scamper up like a short little mouse.
Jesus passed by and saw Zacchaeus, said I'm going to your house.

As Zacchaeus climbed down you could hear that crowd. Jesus eating with a sinner like this?
But Zacchaeus told the Lord, I believe your word, and I just can not resist.

I want to be right and obey you. I want to be fair and wise.
I'm giving half my wealth to feed the poor and admitting all my lies.

I'll return four times to those I've cheated, and he wasn't buying salvation.
His life was changed because he put his faith in the God of all creation.

Jesus said I've come to save the lost. You were about as lost as they come.
But Zacchaeus believed and Christ received, and now he is a son.

Then Jesus spoke a parable. A nobleman journeying away,
to receive another kingdom, but he would return and he told his servants to stay.

He gave them each some money. He said, occupy where you belong.
Some citizens of that kingdom, rebelled while he was gone.

When the man returned he asked his servants what they did with the money he entrusted.
One gained ten, another gained five, and with a third he was disgusted.

The third said I just put it away. I didn't try, and then,
the master said take if from that lazy servant and give it to the servant with ten.

And those who rebelled, destroy them, just like on judgment day.
God rewards His servants according to their work, and sinners will be burned away.

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