Greatest Serve Others

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 265
Matthew 20:17-34, Mark 10:32-52
Luke 18:31-43

The disciples followed Jesus, towards Jerusalem.
They were filled with fear full knowing, what the Jews wished to do to Him.

I'll be delivered to the scribes and priests. They will say that I must die.
To the Gentiles they will send me, to be scourged and then be tried.

They will spit and mock and kill me, believing they will win.
But after this, in just three days, I will rise again.

Then James and John said Master, we have a request for you.
Jesus answered, go ahead and tell me, what you would have me do.

When you come into your kingdom, let us sit on your left and right.
Jesus said that's not, for me to give. The disciples said, good night!

They were mad at James and John for presuming such a thing.
So Jesus taught a lesson for those who would be king.

The Gentiles like to be big shots, and rule over all the others.
But he who would be great among you, must be minister to his brothers.

Consider this when you want to be great and rule over those around.
I came to serve and give my life, and from heaven I came down.

As they approached Jericho, Bartimaeus a blind man called out.
He heard this was Jesus of Nazareth. The folks around told him not to shout.

But he believed that Jesus could heal, and that did not slow him at all.
When Jesus passed that way, He heard Bartimaeus' call.

Bring him here, comanded Jesus. What will you ask of me?
Lord, that I may receive my sight. I know you can make me see.

Jesus then said, go your way. Your faith has made you whole.
He received his sight, then followed Christ. There is no better goal.

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