Lazarus Resurrected

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 264
John 11:1-54

Jesus dearly loved a family in the town of Bethany.
Two sisters, Mary, Martha; brother Lazarus made three.

They sent to Jesus, Lord please come. Lazarus is very ill.
Jesus was in another town. For three days, He remained there still.

Jesus said let's go to Judea where Bethany is in.
The disciples warned, they tried to kill you there. Will you go there again?

Our friend Lazarus is sleeping, that's why we go that way.
The disciples said if Lazarus sleeps, why go? He is okay.

Then Jesus told them plainly. Our Lazarus is dead.
This now is done, that all may believe on what the scripture said.

Then Thomas whined, we may as well die. Another doubt he'd raise.
When they finally came to Lazarus' town, he had been dead four days.

When Martha heard that Jesus came, she ran to meet Him in the way.
If you'd only been here sooner, Lazarus would be with us today.

But then she showed her faith, in what Jesus Christ could do.
She said whatever you ask of God, I know He'll grant for you.

Jesus said your brother will rise again. Do you mean on Resurrection Day?
Jesus answered, I am the resurrection, the truth, the life, the way.

Martha said I know you're the son of God and she called Mary her sister.
Then Jesus groaned, as Mary wept and the people that were with her.

For three years He had raised the dead. Gave disciples this power too.
Jesus wept. They still did not believe, what the Son of God could do.

They brought Him to the grave and He said roll away the stone.
Martha said he stinks. It's been four days. Again this doubting made Him grown.

Jesus prayed, my Father these things are done that people might not doubt.
Then Jesus cried with a great loud voice, Lazarus, come out.

In a graveyard God commanded, the dead to rise again.
If he hadn't specified Lazarus, would they all have come to Him?

Then Lazarus came hopping out. Wrapped in cloth from head to toe.
As the stunned crowd stood there watching, Jesus said, loose him and let him go.

Then many of the crowd believed, but some told the Pharisees.
They called a council. What shall we do, with miracles like these?

The obvious answer is believe on Him. You've seen the evidence with your eyes.
But instead they sought to kill Jesus. We won't be happy 'till He dies.

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