Vineyard Laborers

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 263
Matthew 20:1-16

Christ compared the kingdom to farm workers, in a vineyard one day.
Early in the morning he agreed with them on pay.

At the third hour he hired more, and at the sixth hour more men.
He found more workers at the ninth and eleventh and promptly hired them.

When the evening came he told his steward, give every laborer his due.
He gave the early starts a full days pay. He gave the other men that too.

Now those who started early said we worked in the heat of the sun.
The rest of these got the same day's pay and some were hired when the work was done.

The master said, you were paid well, as you agreed was due.
Now you complain that I was kind, and paid the others the same as you?

That is my right to be generous. With you I was true and fair.
If I choose to give more to anyone else, it's not your place to care.

So the kingdom is not equal. Some are saved at a later hour.
Some have fewer years to serve the Lord. Some are blessed with greater power.

Each of us should be willing workers, and serve the Lord as best we can.
It's God whom we will answer to. Don't envy your fellow man.

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