Thankful Servants

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 260
Luke 17:1-37

Jesus taught again, do not offend, and forgive with all you've got.
The apostles asked, increase our faith. Lord we're going to need a lot.

If you have faith as mustard seed, you could say to this sycamore tree,
Be lifted up, yes, roots and all, and be set into the sea.

If you could be kind, and forgive every time, and move a sycamore tree like that,
You may think God would be impressed with you, and owe your back a pat.

So Jesus compared us to a servant, who plowed all day in the field.
At supper time would the master serve him, or would the servant get the master his meal?

When we serve God we shouldn't think He owes us. We're just doing what we ought to do.
We need to remember what He's done for us, then serve and be thankful too.

As they walked ten lepers stood far away. They cried have mercy on us, the least.
Jesus did, and he said now each of you, go show yourself to the priest.

They saw they were clean and one went back and he worshiped Jesus and then,
Jesus said your faith has made you whole, but didn't I cleanse ten?

The Pharisees demanded when the kingdom would come, Jesus said it's not something you'll see.
The kingdom of heaven isn't physical, it's inside you and me.

When Jesus returns there'll be no mistake, like lightning across the sky.
But Jesus said, first I must be rejected and suffer and even die.

People will go back to living their lives like the days before Noah and Lot.
They'll eat and drink and buy and sell. They'll live like they forgot.

Then one will be taken and the other left behind, as Jesus calls those who choose.
Remember Lot's wife and don't look back. If we live for now, we'll lose.

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