Moses Before Pharaoh

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 026
Exodus 5:1-Exodus 8:32

Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh to "Let my people go."
But Pharaoh said, why should I? Your God I do not know.

Because the God of the Hebrews wants us to sacrifice.
Let us journey into the desert. Three days will suffice.

You want three days off, for all these slaves of mine?
I'll tell you your problem, Moses. Your people have too much time.

They wouldn't asked to worship, if I made their job more tough.
Now they'll make brick without my straw, and they better make enough.

But the brick count came up short, though they worked their hands to the bone.
As Pharaoh beat them, they cried Moses, you should have left us alone.

While the people cried to Moses, Moses cried to God.
They are worse off now then before I came. It seems this plan is flawed.

God said, my plan is this. Pharaoh will not obey.
And I will show all Egypt who the real king is today.

Go back and tell that Pharaoh to let my people go.
He will say I don't believe, a miracle you must show.

Now take Aaron's rod to Pharaoh. Make a snake before his throne.
So Moses did, and Pharaoh's magicians, made serpents of their own.

It looked like they were as strong as God. They too had what it takes.
Except for one small problem. Aaron's rod ate up their snakes!

Still Pharaoh's heart was hardened. Like stone from dried up mud.
So Moses turned the Nile, and all the water into blood.

Through seven days of bloody water, Egypt couldn't drink.
The fishes died in the river red. It all began to stink.

But Pharaoh didn't budge. He beat the slaves with flogs.
So God made matters even worse. He filled the land with frogs.

Frogs in the house. Frogs in the food. Frogs in Pharaoh's bed.
The king was getting sick of frogs. I'll let you go he said.

God stopped the plague of frogs. Now everything was fine.
Did Pharaoh keep his promise? No. He said, I've changed my mind.

So God sent lice throughout Egypt. They got in Pharaoh's eyes.
Still he said, No. God wasn't through. He filled the land with flies.

Ok, said Pharaoh. Go three days and do your sacrifice.
I'm sick of blood and flies and frogs and stink and biting lice.

God stopped the flies. Do you think now that Pharaoh let them go?
I'll bet you know what Pharaoh did. Your right. He told them no.

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