Rich Man And Lazarus

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 259
Luke 16:1-31

Jesus told of a steward who had done his job poorly. If so he was going to be fired.
He knew it was true, and said this will I do, to have friends when I am no longer hired.

He reduced their debts to his master. Making friends at the masters expense.
Dishonest, but wise in the masters eyes. It made for a crafty defense.

Sadly often the unjust are wiser, than believers are in their faith.
We drift along and give so little thought, to God's amazing grace.

If we're faithful with little, God will bless us with much, but we have to choose one or the other.
You cant serve God, and also the world. The two don't mix with each other.

Pharisees were there who were selfish. Even cruel in their covetousness.
They wanted to justify their greed, but Jesus said listen to this.

A rich man sat at his table. Ate the finest of foods each day.
A poor man named Lazarus had so little food, that his skin was rotting away.

He begged for the crumbs that the rich man would drop, 'till finally one day he dies.
The rich man too was buried. In torment he lifted his eyes.

He saw Lazarus in Abraham's bosom. For a drop of water he pled.
Abraham said son, in life you had much, and you never shared your bread.

Besides there's a gulf between us and you. We cannot go to and fro.
Then send Lazarus back to my brothers, so that to this place they won't go.

Abraham said they have the scriptures. They need Lazarus to rise instead.
No, replied Abraham, if they don't believe, they won't, if one rise from the dead.

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