The Prodigal Son

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 258
Luke 15:1-32

Tax collectors and outcasts listened to Jesus teach.
The Pharisees and scribes said, this certainly is a breech.

He eats and speaks with sinners. So Jesus taught again,
If one sheep in a hundred strays, you'd leave the rest and bring it in.

A woman had ten coins and only one of them was gone.
She lights a candle and sweeps her house and searches all day long.

And when she finally finds it she tells her friends with glee.
I say, the angels of heaven rejoice, when one sinner turns to me.

There was a man who had two sons, one was young and one was old.
The younger ask for his inheritance. Then he took his bag of gold.

He wasted it on a sinful life, and then came famine time.
The only job that he could get was in a pig pen feeding swine.

He hungered so, he wanted to eat the food he gave the hogs.
My father's servants are better off. I'm lower than the dogs.

I'm no more worthy to be called a son. I know I've lived in sin.
But I'd gladly work as a lowly servant, if Dad will take me in.

A long way off his father saw him trudging down the path.
His father ran and hugged and kissed, before he even took a bath.

Bring the best robe, put a ring on his hand, and shoes upon his feet.
Kill a calf and make a feast. Give my son plenty to eat.

The older brother heard the commotion. He asked, what's all the fuss?
A servant said your brother's home. He's wandered back to us.

In anger he said father, I've served you well these years.
You never made a feast for me. What's with this kid who brought you tears?

The dad said son, all that's mine is yours. Just stop and look around.
But your brother whom I thought was dead, was lost and now he's found.

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