Repent, Be Saved

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 256
Luke 13:1-30

There were folks who lived in Galilee, whom Herod killed and desecrated.
They must be horrible sinners, and thus should be berated.

Also there were eighteen souls on whom a tower fell.
Maybe they were also bad, and deserve their fate as well.

But Jesus said I tell you no. Here's a message heaven sent.
You'll perish likewise, mark my word, unless you each repent,

A farmer had a fig tree. Each year he came for fruit.
On the third year finding not one fig, he said cut it limb and root.

His gardener pled, please just once more, before we cut it to the ground.
Let's fertilize, if it bears no fruit then we'll saw this fig tree down.

On the Sabbath in the synagogue He saw a woman bowed and bent.
Jesus healed her on that Sabbath day. A miracle heaven sent.

The ruler of the synagogue cried, not on the Sabbath day.
Jesus said you water your animals. Is this woman not better than they?

His adversaries were ashamed, as folks cheered this woman in need.
Jesus said I will liken my kingdom to a mustard seed.

It starts out tiny but then it grows into a massive tree.
Like yeast inside a loaf of bread, it expands so splendidly.

Then one asked Him, Lord, of the saved, will there only be few?
The gate is straight. Some shall try by works. I'll say those I never knew.

But some shall come from far away. From lands you thought God passed.
Take heed, the last, they shall be the first, and the first, they shall be last.

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