Treasure In Heaven

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 255
Luke 12:1-59

Beware of hypocrisy. What we are that we don't show.
For one day all that's hidden, everyone will plainly know.

We often fear that man will learn what God knows all along.
We can't pretend we're right with God. He knows when we are wrong.

Then one said unto Jesus, who was in their company,
Please make my brother share, his inheritance with me.

Jesus replied who made me judge to straighten out these messes.
But this I'll tell you life is not, in what a man possesses.

A rich man had a bumper crop. His barns were much too small.
He couldn't store up all his goods, so he said I'll make them tall.

He packed them full until they bulged with all that they could carry.
He said I've much for many years. Eat, drink and I'll be merry.

But God said fool, this night your soul shall be required, dude.
So after all this storing up, who's going to eat your food?

God feeds the birds, provides for grass, and gives the flowers dew.
Are you not more important? Will He not take care of you?

Lay up treasures not on earth, but in heaven where they'll stay.
Where moths and rust do not corrupt, and thieves don't steal away.

Be ready for our Lord to come. Serve Him each day you're livin'.
For God will surely require much, of him to whom much is given.

Some will choose God's way, some will reject. That's the contrast of God's word.
He said I did not come for peace, I came to bring a sword.

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