At The Feast

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 246
John 7:1-53

The Jews wanted to kill Jesus, so he stayed in Galilee.
His brothers still did not believe, after a three year ministry.

They said if you really do these things, do them at the celebration.
The Tabernacle feast would draw big crowds, throughout the entire nation.

My time has not yet come. Go without me, Jesus said.
But when they left, He came in secret, though the Jews wanted Him dead.

Jesus went into the temple and there He preached and taught.
They marveled at His knowledge. But He's uneducated they thought.

Jesus said His words came not from Him but the Father up above.
And now they wanted to kill Him when He only showed them love.

He had healed on the Sabbath, but what made them real an-gry.
He said I'm from the Father, and the Father has sent me.

Of His miracles people reasoned, will the Messiah do more than this?
When the Pharisees heard that some believed, they did more than shake their fist.

They sent officers to take Him, but He spoke with authority.
He said you shall have living waters, if you believe in me.

Many said this is a prophet. Some said, the Christ has come.
The officers of the Pharisees were afraid to touch this one.

The Pharisees then ask them why, they'd returned with empty hand?
They said because we heard him speak. Never a man spoke like this man.

You mean that you believe on him, deceived by his words and acts?
But Nicodemus asked, shall we judge a man before we know the facts?

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