BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 245
Matthew 18:15-35

If your brother does you wrong. Go tell him what he's done.
If he admits that he was wrong, you two shall be as one.

If he won't hear you, take a witness too, and talk to him again.
Perhaps this time he will agree that what he did was sin.

If he still won't hear, then tell the church, but if he won't hear them.
Then consider him a heathen, who wants to live in sin.

The simplest church is two or three, gathered in my name.
But Peter still had a question about a brother who's to blame.

If a brother sins against me shall I forgive him seven times ore?
No seventy times seven. Four hundred and eighty-three more.

If you think that's far too much that I'm asking you to do.
Listen to this parable, and I'll illustrate for you.

A servant owed his king, ten thousand talents one day.
The king said sell his family, because he couldn't pay.

The servant begged for mercy. Compassion filled the king.
Though he owed ten thousand talents, he forgave him everything.

But that servant found another, who owed him one small debt.
He took him by the throat and said, you haven't paid me yet.

This fellow cried have mercy, and I'll pay you all I owe.
But the servant said, forget it man, to prison you must go.

It was told the king what that servant did so he called that servant in.
I forgave you much. He owed you little, and you imprisoned him?

He told his guards go take this man and put him to hard work.
He'll labor till he pays me all, for being such a jerk.

So when you think that you've been wronged, and should give a friend their due,
just remember Jesus paid our debt. Think of what God's done for you.

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