The Greatest

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 244
Matthew 18:1-14, Mark 9:33-50
Luke 9:46-50

At Capernaum Jesus asked them what they argued on the way.
They knew full well the answer, but they didn't want to say.

It's embarrassing when you're grown up and you're acting like you're eight.
They were arguing with each other about which one was most great.

Jesus picked a little child and he set him in their midst.
If you want to be the greatest then you must become like this.

You must have faith like this small child, and if this child you offend.
You'd be better to be weighted down, and thrown in the deep end.

An offense is that which keeps you from the kingdom of our Lord.
To understand this definition just listen to His word.

If your hand or foot offend you, or your eye, then cast it out.
It is better to be maimed than burn in hell without a doubt.

John said we saw another cast out demons in your name.
We told him stop, but Jesus said now that was rather lame.

If he's not against us than he's for us. I too am this man's Lord.
Everything that's done in My name will receive a just reward.

The Son of Man is come to bring salvation to the lost.
If one lamb in a hundred strays, does the shepherd count the cost?

He goes to find that one and leaves the ninety-nine alone.
And if it be so that he finds it, then with joy he brings it home.

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