BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 243
Matthew 17:14-27, Mark 9:14-32
Luke 9:37-45

A man came to Jesus. Have mercy oh Lord.
My son is possessed. It vexes him sore.

I asked your disciples. They could not heal him.
Jesus said, wicked, perverse generation.

Jesus cast out the devil. The disciples ask why.
Why could we not heal him, as much as we try?

Because you lack faith. You don't yet believe.
By faith that mountain could be cast to the sea.

Then again, He explained what would happen to Him.
How He'd be betrayed to the most wicked men.

And how they would kill Him. Try to put Him away.
But He'd rise again. Rise on the third day.

They didn't understand what He meant, rise again.
And so they were grieved this would happen to Him.

Then at Capernaum Peter was asked,
Hey, mister disciple, does your master pay tax?

Jesus said Peter cast your hook with a swish,
and you'll find the tax money in the mouth of a fish.

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