Unwashed Hands

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 239
Matthew 14:34-15:20, Mark 6:55-7:23

When the masses heard where Jesus was, they spread the news around.
Wherever Jesus traveled, every village every town,

They brought their sick upon their beds and said, just touch the hem.
And when the people touched His clothes, the Lord would heal them.

But the Pharisees from Jerusalem, were intent on making a mess.
Your disciples don't keep our traditions. Why do they transgress?

They eat their food with unwashed hands. This will make a ten-year-old smile.
There's something more important than washing your hands, and you have missed it by a mile.

Your traditions have nullified God's commands.
You hypocrites with all your well washed hands.

God says, honor your parents, but you've made a loophole.
You think your traditions will save your soul?

Isaiah prophesied, you'd honor God with your lips,
but your hearts would perish like sinking ships.

Your worship is vain. No better than sin.
You teach for commandments the traditions of men.

It's not what goes in that makes you fall or stand.
It's what comes out that defiles a man.

You made the Pharisees angry, shooting down their pitch.
They're the blind leading the blind, and both will fall into the ditch.

Then Peter asked about what defiles a man.
Jesus said guys, you mean you don't understand?

What you put in your mouth does not defile a man.
Even if you eat it with your dirty hand.

But what comes out tells all what's really inside.
Your words let people see what the heart can't hide.

Evil thoughts are the things that defile a man.
They're infinitely worse than an unwashed hand.

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