Living Bread

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 238
John 6:22-71

The next day people looked for Jesus, but he had gone across the sea.
They traveled to Capernaum. Jesus ask, do you seek me?

It isn't for the miracles, it's because I gave you bread.
You seek that which is earthly. Seek the heavenly instead.

They ask what should we do to work this heavenly intent?
The work of God is to believe on Him whom God has sent.

They said, Moses gave us manna. What sign will come from you?
My Father gives the bread of life. My Father's bread is true.

They asked, give us this bread. God's bread we want to see.
Jesus said you see the bread of life. My Father's bread is me.

The Jews murmured because he said, from heaven I came down.
But now he said I'm the living bread, that really made them frown.

The living bread from heaven is I.
Those who eat this bread will never die.

That makes no sense this cannot be.
To eat his flesh? They did not see.

He said you seek the earthly. Seek the heavenly instead.
While they were thinking manna he was talking spiritual bread.

You must have Christ within you. Eat my flesh and you will live.
Christ was speaking of eternal life that he would die to give.

At this point, many left him 'cause they didn't understand.
They we're thinking literal flesh and blood of an actual living man.

If they did not believe enough to trust what they did not know,
Jesus chose not to explain it. He simply let them go.

Then he turned unto the twelve and asked, will you men leave me too?
Peter replied, where would we go? Eternal life is with you.

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