Multitude Fed

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 237
Matthew 14:1-33, Mark 6:14-54
Luke 9:7-17, John 6:1-21

When Herod heard of Jesus' works it filled his heart with dread.
You see he killed The Baptist John. Has he risen from the dead?

A flashback tells of what he did. His daughter danced a dance.
He said I'll give you anything. His wife said here's my chance.

John was in Herod's prison. Herodius wished to see him dead.
When her daughter said what should I ask, she said ask for his head.

Herod did not want to do it. To renege his heart did yearn.
But he made a promise so he killed John. Yikes!! The Baptist did return!

But no, this wasn't John. This was Jesus' mighty hand.
Herod's conscience bothered him so bad he didn't understand.

When Jesus heard of John's death, to the desert he withdrew.
The people heard where Jesus was, and walked to Him, not a few.

As Jesus saw the multitudes, with compassion he was filled.
He came and walked among them and their sick folk Jesus healed.

At dinner time the disciples said let's send these folks away.
They need to buy some supper. Maybe at Chick-fil-A!

Jesus said, men, we will feed them, and you can do the dishes.
The disciples cried but Lord there's only five loaves and two fishes.

Bring them to me. So Jesus prayed, and God did something cool.
Five thousand men with families ate, and left 12 baskets full.

Then Jesus sent the disciples, and the multitudes away.
While he went up a mountain alone so he could pray.

The disciples took a boat back home. Jesus walked upon the sea.
When they saw him they were filled with fear. Christ said, fear not, it is me.

Peter called out, if it's really you, then let me walk on the water too.
Well Christ said yes, but Jesus knew exactly what Peter was about to do.

As Peter walked he looked at the waves.
He began to sink but Jesus saves.

Jesus grabbed ole Peter by the hand.
They walked to the boat as if on dry land.

When they entered the ship the waves stood still.
The wind quit blowing. An amazing thrill.

The disciples were reverent as they worshipped this one.
Of a truth they said, you are God's Son.

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